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Quality Control & Quality Assurance

The quality control is carried out with the inward inspection of the raw material and also with the regular in-process inspection during production and quality assurance of our products is given on the basis of Visual Quality checking at different stages. The word, "Quality, is the point of focus for the company. Quality control dept. runs parallel to all the other departments. With every phase the product materials undergo from Quality control system.

Products We Manufacture

We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying specialty food that are being promoted by IARDA (Indian Agriculture Research and Development) for its rich contents in Vitamin A and Protein and other valuable minerals. Our range encompasses:

  • Durum Wheat Products
    • High and Special Quality of Wheat Products, Which is Hard and Golden Yellow in Texture
    • High Water Absorption Property
    • Very High Protein and Vitamin A Content
    • Giving the Product Natural Color and Uniform Size
    • An Alternative Healthy Food to Rice (Specially for Diabetic Patient)
    • Special Kesari Rawa / Upmma Rawa
      • Special Kesari is a very special kind of COARSE SEMOLINA used in south Indian preparation mainly -
      • Upmma / Kesari Bhath / Rawa Idli / Rawa Dosa
    • Daliya / Thuli  (Porridge)
      • Daliya is used mainly for breakfast (Sweet/ Salty) also known as porridge 
    • CHIROTI RAWA : A fine semolina used in manufacturing Pasta and Macaroni
    • A.) Lapsi B.) Fadda
      • Lapsi is mainly used in India as a main intergradient in preparing Gudlapsi (Sweet Dish) or Huggy and Many more Preparation
    • Polished Durum Wheat
      • Polished wheat is mainly used in India as a main intergradient in preparing is Haleen
      • Atta (whole wheat stone milled flour)
      • Maida (refined wheat flour)
      • Sooji (coarse semolina)
      • Rawa (fine semolina)
      • Bran (Chaapad)
    • Whole Wheat :- Durum and Milling Wheat / Sharbati / Lok-1 / M.P. Wheat
    • Cattle Feed :- DOC & Cotton Seed, Cotton Seed Cake.

Company's Strength

Conscious endeavor to increase efficiency, meeting the exact needs of customers, quality consistency and enabling the interface between highly focused production department and maintenance of customer satisfaction are discernible traits of the company. It aptly assets the ingenuity in the field of manufacturing Durum Wheat Products with quality to meet the customer requirement.

Human resource renders their excellent services and skills to bring out the best.

Give Quality The Utmost Priority

We understand the importance of quality and thus try our best to deliver superior products by conducting various tests on it. The visual inspection of material and finished products help us in giving better output to clients. We have hired a team of quality inspectors who vigilantly monitor each stage properly to avoid any compromise of quality.

Our range of products is being checked on physical and chemical parameters, which are listed below:

Physical parameters

  • Light golden / amber in color
  • Free from infestation and foreign matter
  • Free from rancid or stale odor

Customer Harmony

The sub structural principal of "Ready to deliver the Consistent Best Quality Product" is accompanied by the management's philosophy of "Mutually Beneficial, fruitful and long term relationship with customers". Special attention is paid on understanding the needs of the customers and all the efforts thereafter are directed towards meeting the exact requirements. Every statement coming from the customer is welcomed and abides by prompt replies, smoother communications, quality consistency, on time delivery and feedback from the end users, some few services deals with extra care.